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Mushroom LED lamp appeals to gamers for some reason


You may see similarities to a certain famous item in a well-known video game series when you look at these LED touch lamps, but those similarities are coincidence only. Brando, a company that sells video game accessories, among other gadgets, is stocking these lamps only because they enjoy the whimsical design and the convenient method of operation (you just push on the top.) Not because they perceive any relation to video game iconography, no sir.

We felt compelled to post these lamps on Wii Fanboy because we enjoy their aesthetic, and we get the feeling that others who take part in our hobby may have similar tastes. We're sorry to post content that in no way relates to video games. Perhaps you can get one of these lamps and pretend that you're playing Wii in some kind of magical forest or something.

[Via Siliconera]

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