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New Street Fighter movie helmed by Doom director


Variety is reporting that one helping of live-action Street Fighter just wasn't enough, Hollywood is going to try again. Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom have signed on Andrzej Bartkowiak to direct a new movie of Street Fighter ... but here's where it actually gets good. Variety says his credits include Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Cradle to the Grave. What they fully neglect to mention is that Bartkowiak directed another video game-based movie: DOOM!

Yes, the man who directed DOOM is going to helm the new Street Fighter movie, which will apparently follow Chun Li on a "journey for justice." Can't you just feel The Darkness swelling up inside of you to stop this? The original Street Fighter movie starring Jean-Claude "muscles from Brussels" Van Damme earned $33 million. It also starred Raul Julia (Addams Family movies, Kiss of the Spider Woman) in one of his last roles ever -- that was the real tragedy. Hyde Park just finished a couple movies you will probably never hear of. Place your bets now if this Street Fighter movie will actually be worse than the original, which would seriously be an accomplishment.

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