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Panasonic unveils TH-42PZ77 / TH-50PZ77 plasma displays

Darren Murph

Panasonic has already kicked out a couple of HD projectors, but if you're more into wall-mounted displays, well, you're covered too. The firm has announced a new duo of 1080p plasma displays, the 42-inch TH-42PZ77 and 50-inch TH-50PZ77, which both tout 10:000:1 contrast ratios, a pair of HDMI sockets, three S-Video and composite jacks, and two component inputs. The PZ77 series "also incorporates an automatic pixel wobbling function" as well as EZ-Sync technology, which "links Panasonic consumer home entertainment and video products to allow seamless control" with a single remote. Most interesting, however, are the price tags that these suckas are wearing, as the 42-incher will only run you $1,799.95, while the big boy is expected to ring up at a still respectable $2,799.95 when they ship this month.

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