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Return of the son of WoW Item Creation!

Matthew Rossi

Far back in the misty recesses of time, we brought unto you this story of a WoW Item Creator, and lo, many items were created by players. And it may or may not have been good, I'll leave that one up to you to figure out. Now, however, news has reached us from across the sands of time (well, okay, Dan O'Halloran told me about it, sheesh, a guy can't even ham it up anymore) of a new and graphically superior item creation site. has a much slicker look and is easier to use, and even stores items such as the Hunting Rifle of Ronda, the handy Gnome in a Box, and something I just made to reference my post about fist weapons, the Fist of Tcafow.

You, too, can have fun creating all sorts of serious or less than serious creations, or just use the site to fill in holes in itemization that have always bugged you. Don't think there's enough dedicated plate for a paladin tank? Now you can fix that!

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