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Rumor: More BioShock plasmids ready to unlock


A poster on the 2K forums has stirred up a little Splicer's nest exposing what appears to be new hidden plasmids for BioShock. Showing a bunch of code from the PC version of BioShock -- and we know how reliable that can be -- he points to new plasmids waiting to be unlocked in "PlasmidPack1" at a later date. Four of the plasmids listed are Machine Buster, Vending Expert, Sonic Boom, Eve Saver, along with a bunch of other plasmid content.

Joystiq spoke with 2K and they delivered one of those delicious open-ended quotes that beg for wild speculation. 2K says, "Since 2K Games hasn't announced any downloadable content at this time, we have no comment." Where's Ken Levine for us to get a straight answer? Don't make us use the magic words 2K, if we want answers about more plasmids we know exactly the precise words to use! It'd be nice to get more plasmids (for free) as a little bonus down the road, but we'll be happy if those plasmids get saved for BioShock 2 and cut out just that small amount of time in development.

[Via X3F]

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