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iPod touch vs. HTC Touch: Apple trademark dispute, round 2?


Remember that ridiculously public to-and-fro'ing between Apple and Cisco over the "iPhone" trademark? Ding, ding, ding... welcome to round two ladies and gentlemen. In this corner, we have a feisty Taiwan-national with Microsoft in its pocket: HTC, and their HTC Touch. In the other, a venerable California hippie on the comeback trail: Apple, and their iPod touch. Fight!

Peter Chou, CEO and president of HTC, was just reminding the press that HTC has registered "Touch" as a worldwide trademark and is "proud to share the same vision as Apple over touch screen functions." While he would not comment on whether HTC would take legal action against Apple, HTC's Marketing Manager Ching-hung Wang was happy to talk around the issue by noting Apple's and Cisco's ability to "reach a mutually satisfactory agreement" before, while footnoting the need for "further observation" around the "Touch" trademark rights question. Translated: Hey Apple, we think HTC is waiting for your call. Maybe you should make it a party line too so that Creative can bring their Zen Touch?

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