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Monster's CEDIA booth tour

Darren Murph

While we never thought we'd see (legitimate) Monster cabling being sold out of the back of a van (ahem), the company definitely had an accessory-packed ride parked right in the middle of its fairly extravagant exhibit. As you'd expect, there seemed to be enough cable there to wire up downtown Denver along with a dedicated control system kiosk, a section of flat-panel mounts, and yes, even a wall of adapters made specifically for Apple products. More interesting than the items on the floor, however, was the item that wasn't: Einstein. After prodding for details, we were told that Monster has in fact pushed back the launch of its Home Control System in order to "fairly significantly retool" the device, and while everyone was tight-lipped about exactly what changes were in store, on-site reps admitted that it wanted to be "ahead of the curve" rather than behind it when this finally lands. Sadly, that means we'll likely be waiting till "around Q4" for this sucka, so we wouldn't be surprised to see the revamped version in Las Vegas early next year.

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