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UK hardware sales: Xbox 360 roars, PSP whimpers

Ross Miller

Thanks in no small part to a price drop and a new model, Microsoft's Xbox 360 scored a 260% sales increase in the United Kingdom from two weeks prior, according to ChartTrack (via MCV). The Elite model was released in the territory August 24 for £299.99, while the Pro and Arcade models received price drops to £249.99 and £179.99, respectively. The momentum is also likely to be helped by a certain Covenant-crushing behemoth set to deploy later this month.

Though Microsoft may be having its (VH1) Best Week Ever, Sony's PlayStation Portable had its worst. ChartTrack is reporting the PSP had its worst week of sales since its launch September 1, 2005. Both SCEE and ChartTrack blame the sales drop-off on the impending launch of the PSP-2000 model, coming September 14 (sans ceramic white) and believe the redesign will boost the PSP's sales.

Chart-Track did not provide specific numbers for either console's sales.

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