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WhereverTV wants 1,200-channel piece of the mobile TV pie

Chris Ziegler

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Kinda makes MediaFLO, DVB-H, and the lot all seem like child's play, does it not? 'Course, the proof is in the pudding -- but startup WhereverTV is promising an honest-to-goodness four figures worth of channels delivered to 3G handsets by year's end. PCs eat first (the beta's running now, actually), followed in October by TVs powered by special set-top poxes, but the concept remains the same: pipe stations from around the world over the 'net and pay the bills with ads, meaning users won't pay a red cent for subscriptions out of the gate. Unlike services that have tried this model before and ended up dying slow, painful deaths in the court system, WhereverTV has deals in place for everything that it's planning to broadcast, so it's on considerably more stable legal footing. The company's primarily looking to target ex-pats in the US, but until we find ourselves a cable service that's gonna give us 1,200 channels to Sling, we think it may have a few native users on its hands, too.


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