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Wii Fit gets some time in the spotlight on Dutch TV [update 1]


Update: Daily reader (and one heck of an awesome guy) Rowdy decided to lend a hand by translating the linked TV spot for us. As it is his native tongue, we're sure he knows what he's doing. Check past the break for the translation.

Carlos Lens, a personal trainer, recently took his time to get into Wii Fit and a Dutch TV crew was right there to document it. While we have no idea what they're talking about, they seem to like it. After Carlos' segment, they cut back to the studio where the crew discuss Nintendo's product.

If you're looking for someone's opinions on the whole thing, be sure to hit up Joystiq and read their hands-on write up.


[Via Go Nintendo]

"There's another cutting-edge game coming, called 'Wii Fit', although it won't be in stores until 2008 we, of course, got the chance to try it with Carlos Lens, the personal trainer of all of Holland's celebrities. "

"Every week Carlos Lens makes the celebrities sweat, therefore the fitness guru knows how to put the game to the test all too well."

"Here you have your own personal trainer that you basically play games with, and in the mean time still undergo a certain amount of exercise. It's a lot different from just imitating a training video."

"It's just a fun workout with all sorts of enjoyable exercises, and in addition to that you can also keep track of your statistics, in any case it's a big improvement over today's existing (training) videos."

"The device is the "wet dream" of active Holland, even the super-fit Carlos feels the burn."

"You really need to set yourself to it, even I thought some of the exercises were pretty tough. It's really for all ages. If my mom would step onto the thing it would be good for her, too. My son can do it, my parents can do it, I can do it."

"Not only does the device train your legs and arms, it's also good for the [laughing muscles]"

"Usually in fitness when you change the intensity you'll get muscle aches, so a lot of people who're trying this thing for the first time will feel the burn."

<Cut to studio>

"That's a fun thing!"

"A great system, really, I mean, they already have a game out called 'Wii Sports', which includes tennis and the fun thing about that is that there are motion sensors in the 'joysticks' So you're really standing there swinging the controllers around. "

<Some nonsense later>

"So could this thing actually replace a hometrainer?"

"Yeah, well, you can use it at home, standing on the board and perform all sorts of strange movement exercises, nobody will see you doing it. "

Some more notable (though roughly translated) quotes:

"So do you think this is the future of fitness?"

"Yes, I think this is [...] already being used in some gyms...-"

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