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How should WotLK beta keys be given out?

Dan O'Halloran

Player Blazith of the Sunstrider server wanted to know if players in the TBC beta will get beta keys for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion? Community Manager Aeus responds that though the exact method of beta key distribution has not been worked out, being in the previous beta will not automatically qualify you.

The real question here is: how should Blizzard distribute the beta keys? The sign-up-for-random-distribution leads to many people getting in for bragging rights rather than testing. The give-beta-keys-to-PTR-players-with-numerous- bug-reports method would be a good start, but probably isn't enough to fill all the beta slots Blizzard has lined up. Plus, hardcore testers tend to be a different breed than the average player and not report on gameplay "feel" that average user experiences.

How do you think the beta keys should be distributed?

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