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PS3 Poll Police: Your TGS Predictions

Nick Doerr

The Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner and with it, some undoubtedly large announcements by Sony and the other console giants. Not to be rude, but the Poll Police aren't interested in the others at the moment -- they need your help in deciphering the big announcements to come and it's going to take two weeks! This week the Poll Police have compiled what they feel would be the biggest announcements Sony could belt out during the show, but your duty does not end at casting a vote this week. Should you feel another announcement is bigger and/or better, leave a comment informing us so next week we can pitch those suggestions against this week's most talked about prediction. Without further ado, the Poll Police's ideas.
Which of these could be Sony's biggest announcement at TGS?
A new, rumbling Sixaxis
Firmware 2.00 features (custom soundtracks, etc)
The lineup of NCSoft MMO's
Home gets true release date
PlayStation Store redesign free polls
We omitted most game-related announcements (Home isn't really a "game", per se) because there's the possibility of so very many. Those five are the ones most likely to get a mention, the Poll Police feel, but they are by no means all big announcements to come -- that's where you come in. Vote on these, let us know if you feel something has been horribly overlooked and next week, we'll have a battle royale amongst the biggest possible TGS announcements that may or may not occur. If you're curious about last week's poll, check the results after the jump to see how many of your friends have been Warhawk'd.

We expected the results to be similar to this, but we didn't expect such an even spread between people who have yet to purchase Warhawk and those who have no desire to purchase it at all. Clearly, a majority of us have come down with this virus and enjoy playing the game immensely. We hope those who voted for "soon" will join the fray, as we always like seeing fresh faces online. Those not interested in the title, it's okay. We're sure the games you want to play will pop up sooner than you think. We'll be back next week and, as always, we appreciate your votes!

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