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BioShock "franchise" ships 1.5m units; L.A. Noire bumped from fiscal '08

After what we imagine was a prolonged series of comically exaggerated high fives and hearty back pattings, the folks at Take-Two managed to sit down long enough to write up a report detailing their third quarter fiscal 2007 financial results. In fact, they were so excited after noting that critic's darling BioShock shipped an impressive 1.5 million copies – pulling the Xbox 360's attach rate even higher – they even called it their "new BioShock franchise." A franchise, eh?

Gamasutra notes that during a conference call with investors to discuss the results, they specified that BioShock could become a franchise on a "roughly two year interval," handily making up for the missing income their annual football franchise used to bring in. Of course, that's not all bad; the company's Grand Theft Auto games have followed a similar model and managed to remain well respected titles despite what could only be called some stagnation.

The execs also noted that the Rockstar and Team Bondi co-produced L.A. Noire, which was nowhere to be seen on the report's initial guidance for fiscal 2008, would not be released in fiscal 2008, which extends until 11/08. The game was previously listed as a PlayStation 3 exclusive for the fiscal '08 period.

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