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Forum post of the day: What do you do with 12k gold?


Mirages of Cenarius has what might be the most rare problem in all of Azeroth, right up there with "I am overpowered" and "There are too few people in the cave in AV and it's being attacked": she has too much gold. As she writes in the Professions Forum, she has 12,000 gold pieces and nothing to spend them on. She's gotten all the recipes she needs, all the gems ... and now there's nothing left to buy.

Jealous forumgoers give her some good suggestions, though:

  • Money fight!
  • Bribe the main tank of the top raiding guild on your server to "accidentally" wipe.
  • Pay an entourage to meet you at the city gates and follow you through the city shouting various praises to you.
  • Collect rare non-combat pets. As someone whose jewelcrafting was financed mostly by the Hyacinth Macaw, I heartily support this idea.
  • Send one thousand gold to somebody with the requirement that they never tell anybody ever, and see if they can keep their mouth shut.
  • In trade chat, advertise giving away one hundred gold to everybody who whispers you, then follow through on it. Nobody other than the initial idiots will believe you.
  • Pay off a horde guild to gather in a circle and let you AoE grind them for honor.
  • Buy one hundred and ten of "The Rock" and propose to everybody who does anything nice to you.
  • Sit next to the epic flight trainer each time you surpass 10k and pay for the next person's training.

There's an officer in my guild who has over 10,000g and continues farming. It might be some sort of hoarding disorder where he wants to be prepared for Wrath of the Lich King, but I think he just enjoys lording it over us broke peons. I still don't have an epic flyer for either of my characters, but then again, I loaned my entire epic mount fund to a friend, which was worth it.

What would you do with excess gold?

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