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iPhone 101: Browser-based playlists


Call me fickle, but sometimes I don't want to hear any of the music I've got on my iPhone. What should I do when I'm away from my computer, itching for new music? Create a browser-based playlist.

The Internet Archive is a tremendous source of streaming music files (among other things) that play just fine on the iPhone. Here's how to set things up.

  1. Create a new bookmark folder in Mobile Safari. I named mine "Rock."
  2. Navigate to the Internet Archive, and find some music you'd like to listen to (I chose Smashing Pumpkins)
  3. The Flash player at the top of the page will not work, but scroll down to the botto and click either of the "Mp3" files
  4. A new page will open to play the file
  5. Click "Done" at the top of the page, then touch the menu bar
  6. Add a bookmark to the file to the "Rock" folder
Done! Add as many links as you like, and you've got a web-based playlist of tunes that aren't hogging storage space.

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