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Math teacher gives kids questionable SMS homework assignment


A Grand Prairie, Texas teacher is in hot water with parents after a homework assignment doled out to his students this week. Rather than your typical 2 + 2 exercises, he went high tech and had them decode 20 text message abbreviations. Unfortunately, the exercise went pear-shaped when parents of the grade six students noticed things like NIFOC (Nude In Front Of the Computer) and IWSN (I Want Sex Now) was in their evening duties -- at least this teacher wasn't using SMS to buy pot. We dig tech like no other, but, those might have been omitted and replaced with things like LOL (Laugh Out Loud) or TTIAB (Talk to you In A Bit). The teacher now waits for the school district to make up its mind on his fate -- though we'd hazard a guess he's likely learned his lesson.


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