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New GP2X-community system in development


Sure, we're all super-excited about the Gamepark Holdings' next iteration of its Linux-based, homebrew masterpiece, the GP2X F-200, but did you know that the GP2X community (led by CraigIX and EvilDragon) is hard at work on a separate, completely new device? That's right, straight from the developer's fingers, some tipsters, and 63 forum pages, Engadget is bringing you spine-tingling facts about the new machine. First and foremost, the as-yet-unnamed device will not be a replacement for the GP2X line, rather a "spiritual successor" with higher-end specs. Here's what we know thus far: the device will still be rocking Linux (of course), will tout an 800 x 480 touchscreen, feature a D-pad and a keyboard (slider, split? we don't know yet), have built-in WiFi, and will contain some type of dedicated 3D GPU. The CPUs haven't been decided on yet, though we're told the system will be more powerful than the PSP, and able to handle full speed Amiga and PSX emulation "easily." Word on the GP2X forum is that the unit cost could come in around £200 (including VAT), though speculation and debate is still raging on the fine details. Certainly no release date has been set, but you'll know more when we know more, so stay tuned.

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