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Sharp's WS011SH Windows Mobile superphone in the wild

Chris Ziegler

Sometimes -- all too often, in fact -- devices simply don't live up to their carefully selected and prepared press shots, but yeah, we're pretty sure that's not the case here. LetsGoMobile recently had a peep at Sharp's lovely WS011SH Advanced/W-ZERO3 [es] on the floor of IFA, and seriously, it seems to look every bit as good in the wild (if not better) than it did in Sharp's own materials. With a 3-inch WVGA (yes, wide VGA) touchscreen serving up Windows Mobile 6, you can sorta think of it as an HTC Vox on performance-enhancing drugs -- the only difference being that we stand zero chance of ever seeing this 'round here on account of the PHS radio designed for Willcom service in Japan. Tragedy, ain't it?

[Thanks, David]

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