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Cyberduck hits 2.8 with file transfer queueing


Henrik sends us word that Cyberduck, the other FTP app I use all the time, has been updated to version 2.8. New in this version, you can find the Ganymed SSH2 library, support for SCP transfers, file transfer queueing, the ability to limit bandwidth, and a number of other bugfixes and features. Henrik also reminds us that open sourced Cyberduck is way ahead of anything else in language localization, as it supports (deep breath) English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Russian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Catalan, Welsh, Thai, Turkish and Hebrew. Whew! No Klingon localization? What will M'marhcS use for an FTP client?

Cyberduck 2.8, as always, is open source, which means free as in speech and beer, and is available for download on their website.

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