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Igarashi favors Xbox 360 for next Castlevania


Castlevania guru Koji Igarashi in a Game Informer interview says he's leaning toward Xbox 360 for the next console version of Castlevania. He says that he's focusing on "the best platform for the U.S. market" and that would be in his opinion the Xbox 360. He goes on to the say that the US market is the "biggest market" for the series, so he's giving priority to the Xbox 360. He doesn't rule out dual development but says it "would be very tough" and that if Metal Gear Solid 4 expands the PS3 market they may release the next Castlevania on PS3 as well.

Still in business mode, Igarashi went on to explain Castlevania for the Wii. He says that Nintendo dominates their own console and third party titles are not so great in sales. He says he's researching how to make Castlevania work on the system in the future and it's about getting the whip motion to work properly instead of having players waggle like Zelda. Igarashi finishes by saying that the next DS Castlevania should be announced in the "near future."

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