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Old Halo movie script possibly leaked

Dustin Burg

An avid torrent searcher, 1UP visitor and super tipster stumbled upon and sent the 1UP editors a 127 page PDF file that is supposed to be Alex Garland's Halo movie script. If you don't remember, Alex Garland was initially hired to pen the Halo movie script in which author DB Weiss picked up and revised which ultimately landed in the deep, dark void that is Hollywood's "put on hold" script closet. Anyhoo, 1UP posted a few pages from the alleged Halo script in which Master Chief is introduced, his armor is talked about and we get to see the Flood. So, go ahead and make the jump on over to their site if you're curious. And let it be known that these script pages could be real and could possibly end up in a future Halo movie someday, so we'll slap a SPOILER WARNING! label on this just to keep civility. Enjoy ...

[Via Joystiq]

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