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Relive the Sega CD era with Mibri & Tebri


Sega's Mibri & Tebri is absolutely, without a doubt, the best game of the year-- to write mocking blog posts about. This thing is like a gift to sarcastic jerks like us who spend their days making fun of video games. Yes, this is a Sega game, but we doubt we'll be accused of an anti-Sega bias for saying that this game is completely ridiculous.

The game looks like a refugee from the Sega CD lineup, both in concept and execution. It appears to be a combination charades/crossword game, in which players fill in the characters making up a word that describes the actions played out in pantomime by live actors.

Everything about the game-- the costumes, the lame green-screening, the low-quality, early-90's CG background, is incredible. We have to know more. Why does this game exist? Who thought it was a good idea to make it? And when can we start buying multiple copies? We want this to be our new party game; the only issue now is finding friends who can appreciate Mibri & Tebri.

[Via NeoGAF]

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