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Rumor: Halo movie script leaked

Ross Miller

A 128-page PDF file allegedly containing Alex Garland's original Halo film script has leaked onto the internet. Garland famously was paid $1 million to write up the first draft for the movie, although the script has since been rewritten by D.B. Weiss and John Olson (A History of Violence).

So is this really Garland's writing, or is it just well-written fan fiction? 1UP thinks it's legit, and provides a few sample pages of the ending (including the cliché post-credits sequel teaser) from the file. We haven't read the PDF, but the sample pages do thematically match what Latino Review wrote about Garland's draft back in November 2005.

Still, we're hesitant to call this real -- and, even if it is, the script is an early draft of a project at least twice-rewritten that may never go into production in the first place. Head over to 1UP to peruse a few selected pages from the alleged script.

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