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Unreal Tournament 3 gets 'no guarantee' of Nov. release from Epic [Update]


[Update: Not so fast, there. Rein told Next-Gen that "Nothing has changed at this point. We're working toward a November release ... We don't know the specific release date yet and I think it is always prudent to remind our fans that we value quality over release date." While there's still "no guarantee" of a November release, it's nice to know that their plans haven't changed (they just haven't made any yet!).]

Epic's Mark Rein made a post on Epic's Unreal Tournament forums last Friday saying there is "no guarantee" of a November release on the PS3. He says they don't know when the game will be completed, but says they want to offer UT3 when it is finished instead of just getting it out the door. Next-Gen interprets this to mean that there may be a delay incoming, meanwhile (which didn't link their source material) says that this puts "PS3 Unreal Tournament exclusivity in doubt." The PC version would also be affected by this issue.

Remember how we were talking about "happy delays" and "sad delays"? This is a little bigger than a possible "sad delay." It tosses another log -- a major log given the E3 press conference -- on the PS3's delay bonfire. Even though it also affects PC, it's just not a healthy hit for the PS3 to take at the moment on the console front. We're just wondering who's going to talk or spin this story first -- Sony or Epic? There's also no word if this possible delay will push off the Xbox 360 release to give the PS3 an exclusivity window. This is not a game the PS3 wants to lose for the holiday season, but it's also a franchise Epic won't put in danger by being partially done for release.

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