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FASA Studio is dead


FASA Studios, the company behind Shadowrun, is no more -- it has ceased to be. The announcement was made after close of business today on the Shadowrun boards. The post states that those who did not move onto other positions at Microsoft Game Studios are now out of work. A Community Manager and Tech Support Manager will still have a job to support the game, the post says they chose to wait on the announcement because they "didn't want people's attention distracted from our last product Shadowrun, a game we love."

Well, at least they did. We said it before and we'll say it again: Poor Shadowrun! The game probably could not have had more things going against it. It was the perfect storm of a half-game with some peripheral Vista drama, going out to an uninterested audience, during the worst time imaginable for an online game during the Halo 3 beta. Shadowrun was just so absolutely doomed. Goodbye FASA, hopefully your splintered team will show what they're truly capable of next time.

[Thanks Wes and Michael]

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