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Financial Times declares console war Wii-ner


The US NPD figures will be out tomorrow, but today the Financial Times reported that Nintendo's Wii sales have overtaken the Xbox 360 to make it the top-selling next-gen now-gen console with 9 million sold. The Xbox 360 sits at 8.9 million and the PS3 with 3.7 million. Remember, these are sold units and not those fudge-a-licious shipped numbers. Nintendo last held the top spot in the console market over ten years ago with the Super Nintendo system, before the reign of PlayStation.

The data is the combination of the Japanese figures, NPD from the US and the GfK of Germany, which follows Euro sales. As a consolation prize for Sony fanboys, remember that the PS2 still owns all with over 100 million units. The piece closes by saying that the PS3's problem is price, the Xbox 360 doesn't sell in Japan and the Wii just hits the spot with a $250 price tag and strong sales in all three major markets.

[Via GameDaily BIZ]

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