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iPhoneSIMfree updates us on their orders, future unlock plans

Ryan Block, @ryan

In the wake of yesterday's news that the open source community had come up with its own free iPhone unlocking software, iUnlock, we began to get a slew of emails coming from customers of iPhoneSIMfree's largest distributor, Aussie iPhone Unlock. The email AIU sent to its customer list stated that IPSF had become unresponsive in fulfilling new orders for unlock licenses, and outlined the company's intention to instead donate the money from incoming orders to the iPhone Dev Team (itself a highly sketchy move, to say the least). Today we caught up with iPhoneSIMfree who let us know that they have not ceased fulfilling orders, and will continue to do business as usual in selling their unlock solution to new customers.

Of course, now that a free solution is available we've all begun to play the waiting game in seeing whether Apple will re-lock all these newly unlocked iPhones with its next update, due out this month. We tried to get a firmer answer out of IPSF as to whether or not they'll unlock a customer's phone a second time should Apple re-lock in a future update; unfortunately there just isn't a final answer since it's still only hypothetical that Apple will re-lock unlocked iPhones. But IPSF did state that if re-engineering the next iPhone unlock isn't too difficult, they do intend to offer re-unlocks to current customers at no additional charge.

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