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Lost Odyssey delayed to 2008 in US


Lorne Lanning! If you're reading this, be sure to note our continued frustration at typing "Oddysee" instead of "Odyssey" every single time we discuss Hironobu Sakaguchi's upcoming Xbox 360 RPG. The cumulative seconds wasted in correcting every article must surely extend beyond 2008 by now -- much like the English version of Lost Oddysee Odyssey. Confound it!

In Microsoft's pre-TGS conference held in Japan, Mr. Final Fantasy announced that his Unreal-powered tale of turn-based timelessness would be radically altering the meaning of "simultaneous worldwide release" to be more along the lines of "out in Japan on December 6th, then in North America in February 2008." Judging by the release schedule adopted by Mist Walker's most recent RPG, Blue Dragon, a European date for this Odyssey should be found on the same calendar page.

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