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The RRoD T-shirt


Having experienced another Red Ring of Death on staff recently (this time it was McElroy's Xbox 360, Orland was two weeks ago), we were quite amused by SplitReason's T-shirt and their tip of the hat to 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL. Yes, we can't help but wonder what the Xbox 360 would say once it goes RRoD if it had the capability to speak.

Now before you go all crazy that SplitReason is all anti-Microsoft, they're also responsible for the "Achievement Locked" women's underwear (We're still desperately waiting for the men's version of those). They also just came out with the mana mug you drink out of -- something WoW players are sure to appreciate. We are amused.

Skip ahead to the 7:00 mark (3:38 on the countdown setting) if you've never seen the iconic moment from 2001 involving HAL's madness

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