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Verizon's Samsung U470 spotted in the wild

Chris Ziegler

Didn't take too long, now did it? Just a couple days ago we were waxing philosophical over a totally fakeable shot of a supposed Samsung SCH-U470, a svelte swivelphone for Verizon's '08 lineup -- and now here we are with far more legit-looking assets. Naturally, someone with a steady Photoshop hand could fake these up just the same, but our confidence is growing that Big Red's actually planning on taking a stab at releasing this thing. New to these pics is some honest to goodness carrier branding atop the display and a slightly more Verizon-esque UI (for better or worse). Funny to think a phone looking this ready to be in our pocket is still a good four months -- minimum -- away from store shelves, isn't it?

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