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eBay auction reveals prototype Dreamcast Zip Drive


As at least two members of the Engadget staff can attest to, the Dreamcast was a totally bodacious system -- one which has been surprisingly kept alive well past its cancelation from commercial sale by a core group of terrifically dedicated gamers and home-brewers. You'd think that a system which was discontinued in 2001 (though Sega did start selling refurbished units in 2006) would have run out of tricks... but you would be wrong. Some DC-fanboys just discovered an eBay auction for a prototype Iomega Dreamcast Zip Drive, an add-on that was clearly just on the brink of making it to market. The unit would have sat beneath the system and interfaced via the DC's expansion port, providing 100MB of storage (per disc) of your precious Shenmue and Code Veronica save-states. Listen, it's not too late to own this piece of Dreamcast history, though we can't promise we won't be desperately trying to outbid you. Oh, by the way, the starting price is $10,000.

[Via DCNews, thanks Darksaviour69]

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