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Motorola prepping new headset, RAZR 2 "Luxury Edition" for holidays

Chris Ziegler

Holy crap, it didn't take long at all for Motorola to start the process of diluting its RAZR 2 brand (sound like a familiar tactic?) with a confusing array of variants and special editions. What happened to "we will not ride one horse to the bitter end again," guys? Ah, well... anyway, the RAZR 2 du jour for the holiday season will be the "Luxury Edition," featuring gold-plated accents on a black background (could look nice or terribly gaudy, we won't know until we see it), an "engraved diamond pattern" on the d-pad, a soft touch rear, and a bunch of bundled accessories. No word on whether this one will be an EDGE-only V8 or a 3G V9, but if we had to guess, we'd say it'll probably be a V8 to give AT&T a little more exclusive breathing room. Also in the pipe is the H12 Bluetooth headset that appears to be positioned as a higher-end unit. We'll pass along visuals as we get 'em, but in the meantime, follow the break for more details straight from the horse's mouth.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

The Motorola H12: Performance Meets Style
For techno trend setters and urban sophisticates, the Motorola H12 headset is a perfect fashion accessory that combines its patented CrystalTalk™ technology with a high-end design. Key features include:

* CrystalTalk™ that dramatically filters and reduces noise in all environments
* The smallest 2-mic package for unobtrusive wearing and carrying
* Diamond-cut edges and high-gloss finishes with a perforated metal grill
* Laser precision ear interface, multiple ear cushions and premium materials for ultimate comfort

The RAZR2 Luxury Edition: The Ultimate Status Symbol
The Motorola RAZR2 Luxury Edition combines cutting-edge technology with high-end touches to create a lavish mobile device that is stunning both inside and out. This limited edition, upscale luxury device is the ultimate holiday gift. Key features include:

* Ability to read and respond to texts without opening the flip [CONFIRM]
* 18k gold-plated accents against an ebony vacuum metal finish
* Chemically-hardened glass and an engraved diamond pattern shines on the navigation wheel
* Seamless casing is further enhanced by a soft-touch back, embossed with a snakeskin effect
* Includes accessories such as wired headphones for music enjoyment, a matching carrying case, and polishing bag

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