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Unreal Engine to power Warner Bros's Chadam web cartoon


This freakshow is getting its own internet 'toon: Chadam. That's his name (and he should be recognizable to followers of Utah alt rockers The Used). The show is significant because its being created with Unreal Engine 3, simplifying the likely spinning off into game (and perhaps smoothing out that polygon dome). Producer extraordinaire Jason Hall (founder of Monolith) is on board, taking a break from HDFILMS Inc, and will work closely with Chadam creator Alex Pardee to mold the 3D animation, with the end goal being to land the project on real TV. Warner Bros is the parent conglomerate behind the project and has frequently teamed with Hall, who once led its games division WBIE and dreamt up the concept for Condemned (both the game and movie).

Speaking of bugged-out dreams, Chadam will thrust viewers into the "hyper-stylized" world of Vulture, where the box-headed boy enjoys Neo-like status, able to manipulate the physical world with his mind, though apparently lacking in certain imaginative abilities. (Dude, make yourself a new face.) The series will unfold as Chadam attempts to wish away the serial killer Viceroy, discovering the nature of self along the way.

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