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Blizzard tips on Ogri'la faction

Dan O'Halloran

Blizzard has posted a new faction guide on their official site. The Ogri'la faction, introduced in Patch 2.1, resides on the western part of the Blade's Edge Mountains. Gaining exalted with these enlightened ogres doesn't get you a fancy epic flying mount (directly) or the key to Karazhan, but attaining Exalted will net you a good deal of gold and access to epic faction rewards.

I won't go into the details of all the quest chains. Blizzard's guide plus WoW Wiki's Ogri'la page do a great job of that. But I'm in the middle of this quest series myself and have a few tips of my own to share:

  • You don't have to be grouped to finish the Mog'dorg quest chain. Just tag along with another group doing it and you'll be able to get the quest turn ins after each kill.
  • The Ogri'la quest line will open up additional Shatari Skyguard faction quests (and get you closer to riding that nether ray)
  • OgriLazy is a great AddOn for remembering the color sequence combinations of the Relic's Emanation daily quest.
  • Druid flight form is NOT immune to the dismount debuff of the Fel Cannons during the bombing run missions.
  • The Badge of Tenacity is one of the best non-raid tanking trinkets in the game, especially for feral druids.
Do any of you fine readers have any additional tips to share about Ogri'la quests?

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