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iPhone firmware v1.1.1 with "international" support coming soon?

Nilay Patel

With the launch of the iPod touch and the iTunes WiFi Music Store this week, it's pretty obvious that the iPhone is due for an update soon -- Apple can't leave all those iPhone users wondering what song is playing in Starbucks, after all -- but what's not certain is how much of an update we're going to see. The eagle-eyed posters at HowardForums might have spotted a clue, though -- the iPhone early-adopter $100 credit signup page clearly shows an iPhone running firmware v1.1.1, with a couple interesting additions: a setting for "Home Button," and another marked "International." The Home Button setting will likely bring the iPod touch's nifty double-tap music controller to the iPhone, but we have no idea what the International menu is for -- maybe for reducing some of those crazy roaming bills? Either way, we should know soon.

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[Via HowardForums]

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