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Nintendo stock price keeps going up


Without getting into those pesky things called numbers, Nintendo's stock was up 5% at the close of the Tokyo Stock Exchange today. This follows yesterday's August NPD report showing in the US the Nintendo Wii and DS continue to be on track like they're on Pokémon Safari. Nintendo's stock has seen a steady increase since E3 2005. Anticipation of the Wii and continually strong DS sales really got the stock shooting skyward late last year. Analysts are saying that if you're looking to buy Nintendo stock to go right ahead, this train ain't stopping anytime soon.

The Wii and DS continue to be on a global rampage as far as anyone can see. Like the Financial Times reported, Nintendo has strong sales in all markets, not just in the States like the Xbox, or the PS3 in, um ... Australia likes it. It's moments like this that truly make us wonder where Nintendo would be now if they could figure out their production issues.

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