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Sony, Toshiba tussle over standalone player sales

Darren Murph

Another day, another scuffle over which format is selling the most. Of course, it's been made relatively clear which side is moving the most discs of late, but just as Sony cited a recent NPD Group study that claimed Blu-ray players had outsold HD DVD units "in the last nine weeks," Toshiba hit back with a brief but pointed rebuttal. Rather than focusing on the recent past, Tosh reiterated that year-to-date, Blu-ray players only held 42-percent of the market share, and also proclaimed that its HD DVD players were still listed as "top sellers" at a few select retailers. Sure, all this fuss is just over fuzzy numbers, but it's fun to watch from ringside, now isn't it?

[Via DailyTech]
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