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Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix achievement poll


The polls are now open at the Capcom blog to vote for the Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix achievements. Like we reported back in July, Capcom asked for suggestions on what the achievements should be in SFIITHDR. It appears Capcom chose seven suggestions and posted them for the world to vote on (with proper registration at the Capcom site). The possible achievements are:
  • Beat Akuma (arcade mode)
  • Win with every character in an Online Ranked Match
  • 5 Perfect Rounds in Ranked Online Matches
  • 5 Perfect Rounds in Story Mode (Any Difficulty Level)
  • Defeat an opponent in under 15(?) seconds, Arcade Mode
  • Perform a 7-hit combo or higher (any mode, including training)
  • Defeat Sagat with Ryu's fierce dragon punch (any mode)
We kinda like all of them, hopefully beyond this publicity stunt Capcom may keep them all in. Capcom is also taking suggestions at the site for the achievements' actual names. With any luck they'll sprinkle some inside joke achievements in for the hardcore. So far this game really has done a great job with the community outreach.

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