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Universe at War media blowout and Xbox interface calming


When the guys from Petroglyph sent over some better pictures from their visit to see Master Chief at Madame Tussauds for our gallery, we felt obligated to ask how Universe at War was coming along. Well, things seem to be just fine with the PC version which is still set for October, with the Xbox 360 version expected early next year. They sent over a bunch of screenshots of the game for our gallery below. Above you'll see the pretty UaW cinematic and (because you know how much we dislike showing non-game footage,) after the break you can find gameplay footage of the three factions in UaW.

One of the big things about Universe at War is that PC players will be able to compete against Xbox 360 gamers across Live. Which, of course, begs the question of: How's the UI? We first got the "official line" which was: "We have validated not only our controller design, but the functionality and ease of use of our UI as well." Then in normal human speak Chris Ainsworth of the community team said, "Honestly, I think UaW is going to be the act to follow when it comes to RTS interface and control, and we're backing our words... we'll be the first 3rd party game with interoperability between console and PC players, so the console controls are going to HAVE to be good." Definitely a game RTS fans should keep on radar in this packed holiday season.

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