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Wii Warm Up: Prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet


After discussing character creation and the lack of features (and faces) in Carnival Games, we spent a little time thinking about the different ways people approach customization in games that offer the option. We know a lot of gamers, after all, and we've noticed they all approach character customization differently. Some like to try to recreate themselves as closely as possible, while others will go all out with the craziest, most unrealistic avatars ever. Some people like to switch genders. Some like to recreate the likeness of a celebrity or a character from another game. What's your style? When given the chance to design your own avatar or character, how do you approach it? With Miis, do you use a Mii that resembles yourself, or something else?

Also, bonus points (in the form of applause and kudos) to readers who are familiar with the literary quotation in the title of today's post. No fair Googling!

[Used this particular South Park character creation engine, with a little hair-help from Photoshop.]

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