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iPhone Dev Team announces free GUI iPhone Unlock Tool


The iPhone Dev Team has released a simple-to-use GUI tool that allows you to unlock your iPhone for use with any SIM. The tool, which is based on their previous command-line work, provides one-touch speedy unlocking. This is a big improvement on the first generation release. It no longer requires you to use special files or to dump nor data.

You can download your copy from the DevTeam website, as a PXL package or, soon, from "Wheat" is the guy responsible for those amazing graphics.

Find out more at the #iphone channel at Remember, this is early software and unstable. If risk isn't your thing, you'll probably want to wait a few days or weeks for things to stabilize.

Update: After reports of failed unlocks, Sam has updated the version to fix a timing issue. Current version is now 1.0.1, which solves the timing issue.

Update 2: I know of a youtube hack and have heard third-hand of a Visual Voicemail hack. Will post when I have details.

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