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Hope you pre-ordered, H3 Legendary Edition sellout

Dustin Burg

If you've been eying up the Halo 3 Legendary Edition (the version that comes with an uber cool Spartan cat helmet) then you best be getting your pre-order on, because it's expected to be sold out come launch day.

In a statement from a Microsoft spokesman to, they confirmed that the demand for the $130 Legendary Edition in the US is high and that it is "on track to be sold out by the time Halo 3 launches next week". And our European friends find themselves in a similar situation, because CVG is reporting that the Legendary Edition is sold out in the UK due to the high amount of pre-orders. So, if you want to be a proud card carrying member of the Halo 3 Legendary Edition fanclub, then run (literally, run) to your local game store and see if you can pre-order and guarantee your copy. Good luck kids and lesson learned.

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