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Joy Corp intros MD-3000J GPS / black box device


It's far from the first such device, but we suspect Joy Corp's new MD-3000 unit will also be far from the last GPS / black box combo device we see, especially if incidents like these keep up at the pace they have been. As with similar devices, this one keeps the video rolling at all times, in this case recording 12 seconds before a crash and six seconds after, as well as other information from your vehicle if all those wires are any indications. What's more the device also promises to warn you in advance if it thinks your headed for disaster, and if you feel like taking a rest (or a risk while driving) you can take advantage of its PMP and DMB TV functionality. As you might have guessed, this one is strictly Korea-only, where it'll set you back the local equivalent of $1,100.

[Via Gadget Lab]

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