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Sony unveils hardware marketing boss Scott Steinberg [Updated]

Justin McElroy

Update: Sony has written to clarify that Steinberg is not taking over Karraker's PR duties. He is, instead, handling marketing for Sony's hardware. We're sorry about the miscommunication.

When Sony's Dave Karraker left the company for the greener, more distilled pastures of vodka marketing, the company was temporarily left without a mouthpiece for PlayStation 3 and PSP issues. That gap has now been filled by Scott A. Steinberg. Steinberg seems to have the right sort of resume for the job, after working with Sega during the Genesis days. Since then, he's worked with Crystal Dynamics, Eidos and at the (legitimate, but less cool) Napster. He'll take over as Vice President of Product Marketing for SCEA on October 1.

Though not quite the maelstrom that Karraker walked into, we doubt Steinberg's in for anything close to a cakewalk. That said, this is a man who probably, at some point, had to justify the existence of the 32X ("The polygons are gouraud shaded!"), so it's not exactly his first time at the rodeo.

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