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AMD adds triple-core Phenom processor to desktop roadmap

Darren Murph

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We'd heard rumblings about this newfangled three-core approach just two days ago, and now it looks like AMD has gone and gotten all official on us. According to the chip maker, the forthcoming Phenom is "expected to be the world's first PC processor to integrate three computational cores on a single die of silicon." Additionally, it was noted that this design was "a response to demand for increased performance delivered by multi-core processors when running state-of-the-art applications," and AMD apparently hopes to grab the market that isn't quite ready for quad-core CPUs but could use a bit more oomph than their single or dual-core chip is delivering. The devices are set to land sometime in Q1 of next year, and if you're interested in digging around a bit more in the marketing buzz surrounding these bad boys, be our guest.

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