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Guildwatch: Cookie drama

Mike Schramm

Wait, does that really say 17 healers on Maiden? That has nothing to do with the actual story, but 17 healers? How do you take 17 healers on a 10 man raid?

This week's look at guild drama, downing, and recruiting starts right after the jump. Don't forget to send us your tips at, as they're how this whole thing gets done. Click the link to read on!


  • A tangled web of drama from EU Shadowsong (we're going to have lots of EU tips today, I think). Harudath tried to make a forum thread about a former guildie of his named Galvan, who formed Electric Union, and stole members of Harudath's former guild, Exiles. Worth checking out for the wall of pink chat text, as well as Galvan's phrasing (which doesn't win him any friends). Drama continues here, when it's discovered that Harudath joins Gavlan's new guild (Genesis) anyway.
  • A bad PUG leads to a callout of Shifting Shadows on EU Defias Brotherhood, and things go south when it's discovered they're just a bunch of "sad, epic-hungry emo kids" who ditched Bloodpack to form their own guild.
  • An update on Gnomeregan's Naqoyqatsi from last week: Uzziel apparently was the raidleader, not the guildleader. But otherwise, Naq is picking themselves back up after the betrayal, and they say they're a "more united team of equal raiders." Good for you guys.
  • After my taunting last week, lots of people sent in pictures, video, and stats of Pally tanking, including Reforged, Leftovers, Lazy Peons, Kvark, Pulse of Deadtarg, and a few others. Ok, fine. I get it. Pallies can tank. You win. That still doesn't mean I trust those smarmy bastards.
  • Rise just transferred from Coilfang to Gurubashi, and this is the reception they got when they showed up recruiting. It's the troll welcoming committee!
  • The forum threads are long gone, but apparently Vindication and Unrest on Bladefist got into it earlier this week when an argument blew up on Teamspeak. Chingyching and Bigrubes apparently got into a shouting match, our tipster says Bigrubes dropped some racist remarks, and then the guild leader booted Chingy from his guild, which lead to even more fighting. I understand why we lost the forum threads, but this seems like a situation where I should say: Teamspeak recording or it didn't happen.
  • Social! Exilios on Emerald Dream-A is hosting a Gnome footrace on Saturday (9/22) at 12:30 server. Winner gets 100g!
  • I think this is crazy, but our tipster says it's "100% serious": One of the raidleaders of Famiglia di Ythrl on Maelstrom-H said on Vent that if the guild one-shotted Void Reaver, he would buy them all cookies. But after they pulled it off, he said that he was actually joking and that he didn't plan to spend $100 on cookies. So the next week, Annok (Tank) and his girlfriend Fellatia (Mage) decided they would go on strike until the cookies were delivered. On the next SSC run, they completely refused to go into the instance, demanding cookies, and eventually the raid itself had to be disbanded. Apparently people had bought consumables and respecced for the run, so they were understandably upset. No word on whether they ever got their cookies or not (I think I just might deliver them a /gkick cake if it was me-- at some point, it's not funny any more).
  • Atlas of Dalvengyr had some trouble with three former guildies, and would like everyone to know that they do not, in fact, sanction the other guild: ATLASBLOWS (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award!).
  • The Noble Europeans on EU Agamaggan-H have been steamrolling the endgame. Gruul, Void Reaver, and Mag have all fallen beneath their heel, and Lurker is on notice, last I heard. They're also recruiting: LF Shadow Priest, Resto Druid, a few Warlocks, an Enhance Shaman, and a Holy Pally.
  • Divinity from Blackhand-A dropped Gruul with a one-shot after two-shotting HKM. Just a few more locks, they say, and Mag is on notice.
  • Wraith on Icecrown dropped Al'ar before Magtheridon, and they say that's strange-- they also did Gruul before Shade of Aran. Did anyone else do the 25 man stuff out of order?
  • Dragon Factory of Scarlet Crusade finished off the Prince last week. Grats!
  • Kampai on Garona-A downed Teristan Illhoof, Nightbane, and Prince all for the first time and all in one week. They are recruiting Warlocks, Rogues, and all kinds of healers.
  • Akatsuki on EU Magtheridon-H is recruiting Kara attuned folks 18 years old or older. Gotta speak English, too, they say.
  • Winchester is the Paladin tank for Leftovers on Shattered Halls, and he's looking for a few good offtanks (although he's about to try tanking Attumen all by himself-- good luck, dude. Keep up Consecrate or whatever you Tankadins do).
  • Lucid Path of Frostmane has Kara on farm status and are looking for Kara-attuned level 70s to start rolling on 25 mans.
  • DarkKnightsOfDoomshire (they had no spaces in the email to me) of Tichondrius is trying to fill out a second Kara group and get started in Gruul's, and they want specifically Priests, Druids, and all forms of Shaman.
  • Conviction on Ysera-H is looking to expand-- they've got KZ on farm and are heading to Gruul as well.
  • Elegy is on Ravenholdt-H is recruiting to take down Nightbane and the rest of Karazhan.
  • Invectus Solidatus on Stormreaver-A is recruiting mature, dedicated players for 25 man content. Please be well geared and willing to be interviewed.
  • Mutiny on Gorgonnash is recruiting Mages, Locks, Shammies and Pallies for a third KZ raid and 25mans.
  • Nephilium on Daggerspine is recruiting (they just went through a quick merge and unmerge with Masters of Domination, but apparently there's no hard feelings). They want relaxed folks for a second Kara group.
And that's it for this week's GW! Until next time, happy raiding!

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