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Marshall University converts to Mushroom Kingdom


Marshall University in West Virginia currently has an outdoor art installation showcasing various replicas of items from the Super Mario Bros. series. As reported by Marshall Univ. student, Griffin McElroy, there are green pipes around campus, a "chain chomp was tethered securely to a tree," and question blocks were hanging around campus. You can see some of his pictures in the gallery below.

Thankfully this story doesn't end badly like the last time we reported on Super Mario boxes being publicly displayed. Last year the small town of Ravenna, Ohio called in the bomb squad after 17 "suspicious packages" which looked like the iconic Super Mario Bros. power-up cubes were found throughout the town.

Full disclosure: Griffin McElroy is brother of Joystiq writer Justin McElroy. Trust us, that didn't earn him any points in us running this story.

Gallery: Marshall University goes Mario | 10 Photos

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