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Rumor: (A) Kingdom Hearts game slated for DS


Way back in May, Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura said the company faced a difficult decision about where to send the next Kingdom Hearts title. When faced with choosing between the DS, the PSP, and mobile phones for your multi-million dollar franchise, what's a company to do?

Clearly, they should make multiple games -- not just multiple versions -- and cover all the bases. Rumor has it that there are three different Kingdom Hearts games in the works: Kingdom Hearts for Playstation 3, Kingdom Hearts 0 for PSP, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 2 for the DS, which we assume is a follow-up to the GBA title. As rumors go, this one seems pretty viable, and we anticipate confirmation within the next few days ... unless Square Enix has an entirely different game afoot when it comes to this franchise.

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