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'U R MR GAY' message discovered in Super Mario Galaxy box art


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A NeoGaf poster discovered, in the cover art of Super Mario Galaxy, the most humorous coincidence of the year (or perhaps the devious work of a cover artist). In the box art for Super Mario Galaxy, stars highlighting certain letters in the title spell out: U R MR GAY. The stars, which are attached to specific letters, are part of the original official art (from Nintendo's press site); we manipulated the image's color scale above to emphasize the stars and corresponding letters, but did not alter the image otherwise.

Nintendo is almost certain to change this now that it's come out, but it does make us recall all those urban legends about sexual innuendo hidden in Disney films. Sony Defense Force and Xbots have a field day 'cause even Nintendo artists have given you fuel for your crusade. Maybe Nintendo just means people who buy Super Mario Galaxy are happy? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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