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What to do? What to do?

Eric Vice

When I was a guild leader, one of the most frequent questions that was asked in our guild chat channel was "Where should I go at level <fill in the blank>." Although I'm not going to write a full-fledged Addon Spotlight column today, I want to take a brief moment to point new players toward resources that will make your progression through the PvE world a little easier. And if you're a seasoned player re-rolling a new character maybe these little gems will help you take a less familiar path and explore some content you might not have seen before.

First off, I want you to grab an add-on and a module for that add-on. If you've seen Titan, Fubar is very similar in function. Fubar is simply an add-on that other "information" modules plug into. So for the purposes of this exercise, please grab Fubar and the LocationFu module. They both install as normal add-ons and if you need help installing add-ons then check out this article. Despite what some silly people will tell you, using the majority add-ons will not get your account suspended. I'm sure there are some floating around the seedy underbelly of the internet that try to exploit the game that are illegal, but for the most part add-ons are perfectly legal in the game.

Once you have Fubar installed, you will notice there is a bar across the top of your screen and it tells you where you are, including the coordinates and the level of the area you are in. When you mouseover the displayed location a drop-down menu appears which tells you more detailed information about where you are. Below that it shows you the instances that are in the zone that you're in and their level, a list of recommended zones and their level, and a list of recommended instances and battlegrounds. What if you don't know how to get there? I'm so glad you asked. If you click on any of these recommended zones or instances in the dropdown menu, it will also give you step-by-step directions on how to get there from where you are. How cool is that!? I've heard some people say that if you're a gnome you can't do night elf quests and so forth. I say: RUBBISH! If you hate night elves and have never rolled a night elf but you want some different content, by all means find some way to get to Darkshore safely and enjoy the content. Besides the change of scenery you'll also enjoy reputation gains with a different faction which you may find a use for later on.

So now you're in the zone. Now what? You have two options. You can always look for quest givers and quest hubs manually. It's not that difficult. They tend to hang around in outposts and towns and the yellow exclamation mark is a sure giveaway. Granted, some of them do hide and some quest hubs are off the beaten path. (Heck, I've been playing for two years, and I'm still finding little nooks and crannies I never knew were in the game.) So you want me to give you an easier way, do you? This will require your web browser. Just park your character someplace where it's not going to get eaten by a murloc, and press ALT-TAB (or APPLE-M on a Mac) to go back to the desktop. You'll be able to come back to World of Warcraft the same way when you're done. Fire up your web browser and go to I'm going to show you a feature of Wowhead that I didn't even know about until very recently. Type in the name of the zone you want to quest in. An copy of the in-game map will pop up with pins to indicate the location of every quest giver in the zone. There is even a filter above the map you can enable to choose Alliance or Horde quest givers. If you mouseover a pin, it will give you more information about the quest giver including their coordinates.

These resources should keep your quest log full for a very long time! They're also helpful if you're trying to find faction-based quests that are below your level. Enjoy!

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